Amanda and Jamie will be getting married in the spring at the Old Kent Barn which is a beautiful venue with a rustic and warm vibe. I met Amanda last year when she chose me as her wedding photographer and I was keen to meet with Jamie so the engagement shoot gave me the perfect opportunity to get know him and them as a couple. Amanda and Jamie are a very warm and loving couple who are excited about their upcoming big day however, Jamie was like most grooms to be, in that he was reluctant to have his photo taken.

For this reason I recommend that all couples have an engagement shoot prior to their wedding so that they can get used to the camera and get to know their photographer before the big day. In this case the engagement shoot took place at the wedding venue allowing me to have a look around and pick out the prime spots for photos on the day ahead of time.

As the engagement shoot progressed Amanda and Jamie became more relaxed which was helped in part by the acoustic music that was being pumped around the whole complex through speakers, some of which were cleverly disguised as rocks. I loved this idea and wished all venues would do this as it really helped to create the perfect ambiance for the shoot.

There are several areas to the venue and we were lucky enough to have the run of the whole site as did their resident cat, who was very cute and attentive following us around the Old Barn part of the venue while we were in there. Eventually retiring under one of the beds but not before attacking the stair case for no apparent reason other than pure entertainment and malice.

Despite the cold and bracing wind Amanda and Jamie were really good sports and allowed me spend time with them outside in the beautiful grounds at the Old Kent Barn. Whilst not ideal the cold at least meant that cuddling was necessary in the prevention of hyperthermia, making it easier to get shots of tender moments between them.

Amanda and Jamie have a playful side which, I was keen to show in their photos because I think it depicts them as a couple and I want this to come through on their wedding day. It is always very difficult for a couple to be spontaneous in front of a camera so I suggested that Jamie pick Amanda up. I didn’t realise that this was the first time that he had done this but kudos to him as he did it like a pro and Amanda appeared to be very comfortable being picked up.

Amanda and Jamie really got in to the shoot and I feel that I was able to get some shots of them which are individual and depict them as a couple. I am sure that they will have a fantastic day. I am so excited to be documenting it for them as they are great couple who I have already enjoyed working with immensely.

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