I have to admit I was a little scared when Katie asked me to take some baby portraits of her 3 month old baby Frankie. These would be my first baby portraits and like all new experiences it was a little daunting, there was a lot that would be out of my control, Frankie could have been grumpy and cried the whole time or we may have struggled to get the right poses for her with the right light.

Like all good photographer’s I researched baby portraits and the more I looked in to it the more I realised that this is a very specialised and skilled area of photography. There are Ann Geddes styled photos all over the internet with babies posing in anything from oversized flowers to watering cans. Firstly I do not know how to handle a baby in to some of the positions that are required to make these images and secondly I do not own an oversized flower capable of supporting a baby.

When Katie told me that she wanted some natural portraits, “nothing too arty”, this was music to my ears. Following on from this we set about taking some natural baby portraits. Katie and Dave, Frankie’s parents, are planning to put some prints on the wall; chronicling their journey as a family.

I have to say for all of my concerns, Frankie was an amazing model, she was a little grumpy at times, but you can’t blame her, she hadn’t eaten for an hour and it was at least this long since she last got any decent sleep. Despite her basic needs interrupting the shoot we were able to capture some beautiful baby portraits.

I am primarily a wedding and portrait photographer, yet I have really appreciated the opportunity to concentrate on a baby and I would definitely be up for taking more baby portraits in the future, this was actually a lot of fun and a lot less harrowing than I had first imagined.

If you are interested in having portraits of your baby or even a family session then please contact me to arrange a consultation and for bookings.