Corrine and Danny,s Eynsford Engagement shoot

So I was the wedding photographer for friends of Corinne and Danny a few years ago not too far from their beloved Eynsford. In fact this was my first wedding and I was little nervous to say the least.  Danny was the best man, which made my life so much easier, he is a very organised and positive person who was able to keep the groom and his party in check and also help corral all of the guests at key moments. Corinne, herself a wedding photographer very kindly offered to do some second shooting for me and imparted much needed advice from her experience having shot many more weddings than my humble none. However, you have to start somewhere and fortunately for me the photos were a hit so much so that Corinne and Danny chose me as their wedding photographer some 2 years later.

I met Corinne and Danny in Eynsford, which is a place that is special to them. Corinne’s mother was the warden of St Martins in Eynesford. Corinne and Danny chose to get married at St Martins for this reason; furthermore Corinne’s mother is a priest and she is going to marry the couple, how cool is that?

Corinne arranged for us to have exclusive use of St Martins in Eynsford. I initially felt a sense of guilt and uneasiness parading around a church with cameras and lighting stands added to this I was trying to capture some tender more intimate moments between Corinne and Danny. However this felt a little awkward given that we were, after all in church. Danny once again came to the rescue by doing push-ups and demonstrating that whilst we were on hallowed ground there’s always room for a push-up or two. I now had a good idea about where the boundaries lay in this particular church and felt instantly more comfortable.

Corinne told me that she used to sing in the choir at the church and explained that her late grandfather played the organ there for 28 years. She said that when she took Danny to meet her grandfather he told her he would like to play for them at their wedding. Sadly he can’t be there with them on the day, however, he did record a wedding march which Corinne will walk down aisle to. The acoustics in the church are amazing and will really bring his music to life.

I put the acoustics to good use by playing some music for Corinne and Danny to dance to, this was a piece that is a strong contender for their first dance so they were able to practice on the central floor in the church which, made a good spot for an intimate sway. The couple were able to forget about me for a while and concentrate on each other, highlighting their fun and romantic sides.

Corinne told me that she was really keen to have some photos taken by the ford in Eynsford, which, along with the river is one of the main features of Eynsford. This was a little tricky as I wanted to use a wide angle lens meaning that I would need to be close to the couple, therefore in order to frame the shot well I needed to stand in the ford. I took on a bit of water but it’s all about getting the shot!

We did some shots outside by the river as well, giving Corinne and Danny a chance to relax and mess about.

As the light went down I was able to capture some more tender shots of the couple as they cuddled up together to keep warm due to the dropping temperature.

This engagement shoots marks the countdown to Corinne and Danny’s wedding who were a fantastic couple to work with and I’m as excited as they are about the wedding day. I know it’s going to be great day and I feel especially honoured to be their photographer. Having got to know them better I realise what a great couple they are and I wish them all the luck in their new lives together.

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