Helen and Tom’s engagement shoot at Beckenham Place Park

Helen and Tom’s engagement shoot at Beckenham Place Park.

Beckenham Place Park is a special location for Helen and Tom which is why they chose to have their engagement shoot here. Their wedding is going to be held later in the year and they liked the idea of having an engagement shoot to prepare them for the wedding photography on the day.

Helen and Tom took me for a ramble around the grounds at Beckenham Place Park and I was able to capture some nice moments just while we were walking and for some of the other photos we used the many secret areas of the grounds that just seemed to pop up.

The Mansion

Beckenham Place Park houses a mansion which is occasionally open to the public. We got lucky on the day we were there and were able to go inside and use the rooms for some ad-hoc photography, it was a real gem.

My favourite room was the music room because of the ornate grand piano that lives there and it made for a great prop. The mansion also had lots of great light from the generous helping of large windows in each of the rooms.

We were fortunate that there were not too many visitors, giving the impression that the Mansion was empty, however, it was open to the public so we were mindful of this during the shoot.

Preparation for the wedding

Helen and Tom’s wedding is in Aberystwyth and I’m not able to get a chance to scout out the venue prior to the day. I have not been to Beckenham Place Park before so the engagement shoot gave Helen and Tom an opportunity to see how I was able to create images in an unknown location.

The whole point of the engagement shoot for me is to give the couple an opportunity to practice on camera so that they are not nervous about the photography on the day. Helen and Tom were naturals and have nothing to worry about. I’m really excited about their wedding I know it’s going to be amazing!

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