Karen and Colin’s Manor Gate House Wedding

Karen and Colin were married at The Manor Gate House in Dartford. Karen has been a good friend of mine of for many years and I was delighted when she and Colin got engaged. I was even more excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding, however, I was also feeling a little nervous, there was a lot riding on this wedding, I knew I could deliver, because I know that Karen has always like my photography, so what could go wrong?

Karen explained that she did not choose me because I was a friend, but because she loved my style and knew that I would photograph the wedding in a way that suits both her and Colin. This reassured me but you still want to do the best you can for any client let alone a long standing friend. You see this was the first wedding that I had photographed for a friend and the healthy anxiety that all wedding photographs know well is amplified when friends or family are included in to the equation.

This was a small wedding around 30 guests, but Karen and Colin were among their best friends and closest family and the number felt just right. Looking back now I can see why they chose me as their photographer, they did not want to have a stranger photograph their day, they wanted another guest, who happened to be a wedding photographer. I was treated as another guest and I loved the intimacy and warmness of the day.

As evidence to my theory, Karen’s friend did her hair and make and was a guest at the wedding reception, another friend made her cake, and she even managed to have her sister, who is a registrar marry her and Colin, before getting changed and resuming her status as a wedding guest.

The Manor Gate House is a beautiful registry Office in Dartford that has a long and rich history. The interiors are complimented by the original oak beams and brickwork. The ceremony room itself was a little tight, however, I knew the registrar quite well at this point and was able to negotiate some good vantage points.

Karen and Colin are the warmest and sweetest couple, I’m sure I’m biased as they are good friends of mine, however, I thoroughly enjoyed documenting their day and wish them every happiness for the future.

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