Naomi and Rich’s Kingscote Barn wedding

Naomi and Rich had a Humanist wedding at Kingscote Barn in the beautiful rolling hills of the Cotswolds. I had never been to a Humanist wedding before and I have to admit until this wedding I did not know what a Humanist was. I was intrigued about it’s philosophies and the approach to the ceremony.

The Humanist stance as I understand it is that we have one life and we should enjoy it fully and positively, valuing people and being kind to one another. This is by no means an in-depth explanation but what I do know is that I loved the ceremony and was in awe of Naomi and Rich as examples of people who are living life to the full.

The celebrant had taken time to get to know Naomi and Rich extremely well and gave a personal and heartfelt speech about them as people and as a couple, this speech was funny, poigniant and very moving. I was getting know the real Naomi and Rich the longer the ceremony went on and because of this the rest of the day made so much sense to me.

Naomi and Rich filled the room at Kingscote Barn with their rendition of “All you Need is Love” accompanied by the bridesmaids and groom party as part of the service. This wedding was full of life from the outset. The couple had their own vows which were silly and emotive and were meant just for them.

The rest of the day was filled with surprises from a choreographed dance routine, to sparklers for all of the guests and inflatable animals. The wedding speech was very repetitive and I was flummoxed at first, Rich kept using the words thank you and marriage way too much. It wasn’t until the best man got up to give his speech that he explained that there was a core group of guests who have attended each other’s weddings and use the speeches a drinking game called wedding speech bingo, hence the repetition. The best mans speech then consisted of a random list of words. There was a lot of drink consumed during his speech.

The Kingscote Barn was a beautiful venue with a rustic and comfortable feel. The staff were very attentive and were genuinely happy for Naomi and Rich. This was one of the last weddings of the year the Kingscote Barn and there was a Christmasy atmosphere to the place, complete with fairy lights and a big tree.

I had an amazing time at this wedding and I know that Naomi and Rich will tackle marriage with the same zest for life that they and their guests had in spades. Naomi’s grandparents are in their nineties, they behaved like teenagers and were up dancing and were posing for the camera from time to time. I imagine that Naomi and Rich are going to be just the same at their age.

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