London Lifestyle shoot

London Lifestyle Shoot

Shane wanted a London lifestyle shoot which was different from his normal modelling work. He wanted to go a bit more GQ. He explained that he was looking for a different style and that the images would be used to promote both his modelling and music careers. Shane has a fantastic look so I was only too happy to help.

Looking at my website you could be mistaken for thinking that I am primarily a wedding photographer and you wouldn’t be wrong. The thing is though that wedding photography is, in my humble opinion one of the hardest gigs in photography. You need to contend with whatever lighting and weather conditions present to you on the day and you also need to manage people, deadlines and stressful moments with ease. An outdoor London lifestyle shoot has many overlaps, we were shooting in London on a rainy day and the light was not going to last forever so the wedding photographer in me was in familiar territory.

Shane was a dream to work with, he didn’t mind the rain and was gracious when the tourists on Brick Lane started snapping away, as they were drawn to his strong sense of style. We did manage to get some respite in some of the quieter parts of East London, The graffiti and grime lent themselves well for the more urban look that Shane was hoping for on this London lifestyle shoot.

I had a couple of other photographers with me on the day to provide assistance and to give Shane different looks, John Hughes and Christian Cross, both Fuji shooters gave some consistency to the shoot by using the same camera system. Also using fuji meant that it was possible to be discrete as the form factor of the cameras leaves a very small footprint. This level of stealth, coupled with the assistance in lighting meant that we could be very mobile and cover a lot of ground during our London lifestyle shoot.

We shot in the East End of the Capital and also the financial district, which enabled us to incorporate the Gherkin and the Lloyd’s building in to the images.

The photos were recently used in Classiques Modernes, a New York fashion magazine and Shane is also using them to promote his music. His upcoming EP can be heard here and Shane also has a youtube channel if you want to check him out.

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