North Cadbury Court Wedding

Ally and Ben’s North Cadbury Court Wedding

North Cadbury Court

This is an amazing venue that is nestled in the Somerset countryside and has a long and rich history dating back to the 15th Century. The  architecture and the ambiance of the building make it a perfect choice for a wedding venue. North Cadbury Court is a grade 1 listed building and I can see why Ally and Ben chose this as their wedding venue.

The Couple

Ally and Ben were a really fun couple to work with, they are playful and child-like when they are together. Keeping them focused on the photography was near impossible, but that just added to their charm and I think their wedding was all the better for it. They have a great set of friends who were all to keen to join in the fun.

Ben is a very creative person and came up with some of the ideas for the wedding. The theme was autumnal so there were carved pumpkins and pine cones strewn around as decoration. North Cadbury Court chimed with Ben’s appreciation for Harry Potter. The building has a maze like quality which was why Ben made maps for guests in the style of the marauder’s map from the famous wizarding novels.

Prior to the ceremony the groomsmen were able to relax by using the driving range conveniently situated on roof at the centre of North Cadbury Court. The bridal party favoured a more sedate and civilised breakfast whilst having hair and make up done. The preparation was very relaxed for both couples and there was a sense of calm and ease for both bride and groom. If there were any last minute nerves they weren’t apparent to me in the slightest.

As the couple were getting ready at the same venue I decided to take a secret first look shot, where only the camera could see both the bride and groom. This was not an easy task as I had to find a location where guests would not see Ally and where Ben could be present without having sight of her.

North Cadbury Court is blessed with luxuriously large doors so I opted to use the door to the Ally bedroom which meant that she need only stand behind the door. Provided Ben did not come in to the room he wouldn’t be in danger of seeing her, whilst I was able to see both of them. I like this ideas as it’s a way for the couple to be close to each other without giving any secrets away or having direct contact prior to the ceremony.

The rest of the day.

The ceremony was beautiful and there was plenty of audience participation due to the amount of singing they were asked to do. Ally and Ben also threw themselves in to it by singing, reading to each other and of course undertaking their vows. The couple got to relax with their family and friends in the stunning grounds at North Cadbury Court before the wedding breakfast.

During the wedding breakfast there was a sing off where each table took it in turns to outsing each other, this was a fantastic idea and there were some really polished acts among them. I really enjoyed the speeches which did not discriminate between the Bride and Groom as the Bridesmaids got up to give a speech that was every bit as cutting as the most accomplished of best men.

All in all it was an amazing day that I’m sure Ally and Ben will treasure in the years to come. I wish them every happiness and it was a privilege to be their to document their special day.

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