Rachel and Chris’ Wickham Court Wedding

Rachel and Chris’ Wickham Court Wedding

When I met Rachel and Chris to talk about their wedding at Wickham Court, I instantly connected with them, they are great together and I was totally looking forward to their Wickham Court Wedding. The venue sounded amazing, the couple were definitely my kind of clients and I was sure that they would have the best guests and I wasn’t disappointed, the guests were wonderful and fully included me in the celebrations.

Bridal Prep

I love photographing the bridal prep, it’s a time to get to know the bridal party and gauge mood of the day. It’s also a  time to get really creative as the pace is usually much slower than the rest of the day. Often some of my favourite images are produced during this section of the day.

Rachel got ready at home, it was a very relaxed atmosphere; the house was full of laughter and excitement as her, the bridesmaids and her mother prepared for the upcoming ceremony at Wickham Court. The time soon went but I was able to get some good images, including detail shots, bridal photos and a nice arial shot of Rachel and her bridesmaids, which involved me hanging out of an upstairs window; all in a days work!

The Venue

Wickham Court is a functioning school and serves as a beautiful wedding venue at weekends and non term times. The grounds and the building are very austere, it has some real character with it’s turrets and lead piped windows. This is a grade 1 listed building that dates back over 950 years and looks like a small castle, a perfect setting for a wedding.

For the photographer in me, I loved layout of the building, the stonework and the way the light comes through the windows at golden hour. Wickham Court has lattice styled lead piped windows and fortunately on the day the sun was unobstructed at golden hour so cast some wonderful warm and dramatic shadows through one particular window just by the entrance to Wickham Court. I used this light to create some of my favourite photos from the wedding.

The Couple

Rachel and Chris are such a special couple, they have a great chemistry together and it was clear to me, even from our first meeting that their wedding would be full of fun, laughter and possibly a few tears. The thing that stood out to me about this couple was the genuine love for that all of their friends and family exhibited in spades for them throughout the day. It was such a pleasure to be part of their day, being a documentary wedding photographer is all about capturing those special one off magical moments and this wedding was full of them.

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