Wedding at The Beacon House in Whitstable

Wedding Celebration at The Beacon House in Whitstable

The Venue

The Beacon House in Whitstable is a beautifully relaxed and stylish beach house, positioned perfectly for those stunning sunsets that Whitstable is so famous for. The house is further along towards the Tankerton end of Whitstable, meaning it is not plagued by the large numbers of people who are drawn to the harbour area of Whitstable in the summer.

The Beacon House in Whitstable sits opposite a naturally raised area of beach called the “The Street” this means that at low tide you can walk along this promontory out in to the sea for about half a mile. The house was built at the turn of the century and had a beacon in the front of it’s garden to warn sailors of the protruding land mass.

The Beacon House in Whitstable has a New England feel to it, shooting there,on what was a very hot day, with temperatures peeking around 30 degrees Celsius. You could almost imagine that you were transported to New England, with the house’s veranda and it’s New England finish throughout, making the . It’s no wonder this venue has been used by the likes of Vogue and has featured in music videos. What a great setting for a wedding.

The Couple

Caroline and Dan are a very low key and laid back couple. Family is at the heart of makes them tick and it was clear from the day that they are much loved and all the better for it.  They wanted their wedding celebration to be about their guests and for there to be an acknowledgement of how important these people are to them.

Caroline and Dan were married a few days prior to the celebration, whilst they could have been married at The Beacon House in Whitstable, They wanted to get the formalities out of the way so they could kick back and relax at the house with their nearest and dearest in style.

Instead of having confetti the couple used the street as a way of engaging their guests to take a sunset stroll along it’s length. When at the end they pre-requested that their guests write positive messages on stones to throw in to the sea, this was their creative take on the traditional confetti walk. It was great to see everyone strolling out, enjoying the sunset and reflecting on their personal relationships with the couple, I thought this was such a beautiful idea.

The couple had Vegan caterers as Dan is Vegan and Caroline is Vegetarian. The catering was supplied by a local company, Potato Tomato. The Crisps were vegan and locally sourced as was some of the ale. In this way Caroline and Dan had been able to incorporate their values without impacting the enjoyment of their guests.

The Story

Like all weddings there was a unique story to be told, however, in this case the ceremony had happened a few days previously, therefore I wasn’t able to rely on some of the key moments to carry the story along. I soon learned that this wasn’t a bad thing as it meant there was more time for those authentic moments to occur without the interruptions that come from the “traditional wedding day”. This was a stress free zone, with the emphasis being on the people rather than the day. As I didn’t need to work at pace, I found myself slowing down and waiting for moments to evolve.

I loved this wedding, it was a documentary photographer’s dream. The Beacon House in Whitstable is a stunning setting and the sunset lived up to it’s well known reputation. All in all this is probably one of the most relaxed weddings I have photographed, there was pianist  in the house next door for guests who wanted to get out of the sun and indulge in some easy listening; there were guests lounging in hammocks  and relaxing on the lawn, with nothing more to do than enjoy each other’s company, the food, the drink and the sea view. And then there was the sunset, which marked the end of a beautiful day with everyone congratulating Caroline and Dan by throwing their positive messages for them in to the sea in that hope that they would find their way to being realised.

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