Hi my name is Tom, I’m a professional Wedding Photographer and I love my job. I view every wedding as an exciting and new story to tell. In fact as you can gather from this site I have a passion for all things photographic and my camera rarely leaves my side. Great photography helps to create memories and evoke emotions long after the event. Whether you’re trying to remember how you felt when she came down the aisle, when the ring wouldn’t fit on her finger or the innocence of your child at play. I can help you to capture these moments leaving you with images you’ll want to treasure and share. I’m a laid back and easy going photographer, preferring to capture candid moments over staged or posed portraits, however I recognise the need for these types of shots and am happy to cater for most tastes. Generally though I prefer to be a fly on the wall capturing genuine emotions and moments throughout the day. I find that following, a wedding for example, the couple are always delighted to see the results from my sneaking around; although I prefer the term artistic snooping!. Choosing the right photographer is not just about the quality of the photographs, you also need to consider the person behind the camera as the quality of the relationship, no matter how brief, will show through on the images. I like my sessions to be lighthearted and fun as I want my clients to enjoy their experience. I find that having a good sense of humour and boundless patience are key ingredients to a successful photo shoot. I am very aware how important the images are to my clients especially those one off moments, such as weddings and special events. For this reason I ensure that all of their images meet my exacting standards prior to being released, as such I undertake the whole process from capturing the images through to editing and processing them. I hope you enjoy my photographs, please contact me to register your interest or if you have any queries.